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Are you prepared to win?

By 2025, 10 times more consumer data will be available to marketers than today. 

Winning brands will be the ones that use this data by looking beyond traditional media planning and buying.

At AdImpact Marketing, we see the media plans behind advertising as the hub through which this data flows and a strategic platform for business growth. 

The opportunity is to use this data currency in a new and powerful way.

We seamlessly plan and implement all advertising media while predicting and then measuring business outcomes. 

It’s a new and better way to improve your marketing performance.

We understand the importance of brand positioning, measured performance and emotional connections. We live it, breathe it, and help our clients apply it to their business. 

AdImpact Marketing marries 33 years of expertise across a wide variety of disciplines into a working plan and budget, using tactics such as:

Strategic Planning

o Marketing Plan Analysis / Development / Execution

o Brand Development

· Digital Marketing Strategies

o Pay Per Click (PPC/SEM) Marketing and Analysis

o Search Engine Optimization

o Conversion Rate Optimization

o Social Media Management 

o Video Marketing

o Website Design & Development

o Chat technology

o eMail Marketing, eNewsletters 

o CRM Management

o Blogging / Copywriting

Media (Traditional, Digital, Social) Analysis

o Vendor Proposal Reviews / Contract Negotiations and Cost Justification

o Media Planning / Buying

o Graphic Design

o Advertising & Direct Marketing

Event Planning

o Event Marketing, Trade Show Development

o Sponsorship Review / Analysis

Team Mentoring, Employee Motivation, Team-Work development


And anything else you deem us capable of helping with…

Our Process

Our process is strategy-based, and we gather as much information as we can before we even meet with you. When we do come together around the table, we take a deep dive to learn all that we can about your organization’s product or service, your people and your culture. We discuss goals, objectives, audiences, competitors, and overall vision for the work we’ll be doing together.

Based on what we gather and learn, we’ll customize a creative recommendation that serves as a guiding document for the course of our work. It’s something we can come back to anytime a project makes a sharp left turn, or the path forward becomes more complex.